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Coach hire companies provide a great service to people, but are they stuck in their old ways? Before the introduction of the World Wide Web to consumers, coach hire companies would largely rely on the telephone as a way to serve quotations, and use traditional methods of marketing (e.g. direct mail, yellow page, etc) to get the word out.Visit for more details.

Fast forward to the present day, and a lot of companies are still in this same mindset, perhaps with the tech-savvy amongst them making use of email. However since then, consumers have become notoriously lazy and convenience oriented. People are simply too busy to find a suitable coach hire company, but have the companies realised this?

Does the coach hire company have a website?

There is no excuse. If your business does not have a website by now, it is quite a feat that you are still in business. The average user will no longer make the trip all the way to the other side of the room to fetch a heavy yellow book, and then trawl through to the convenient section and eventually pick a company. Why would they when they could take their smart phone out of their pocket and Google “Coach hire x” (x being the user’s town). It is essential that any coach hire company hoping to stay in business, has a website. Otherwise they will soon find themselves muscled out by those that take advantage of the web.

Is the website information usable and accessible?

A coach hire company may have a website, but is the information usable? Does it comply with the Data Discrimination Act? A company providing coach hire in Leeds previously had a website which caused the user to wait approximately 20 seconds until an animated coach had driven past the screen. Two seconds into that animation, the user had already left to find a competitor’s website. Furthermore, this had dire implications for their search engine ranking. As Google has trouble (although it has improved recently) reading Flash formats, much of the website information was not being picked up in the search engine. As a result, the company even struggled to rank first for their own company name. A coach hire company should ask themselves “What does a customer want to know?”. The answer to this should be expressed in some form on the website, and it should be easy to find. If it isn’t, you may have just given a competitor extra business.

Can the company be found easily on Google?

Of course, you can still have a website, but it doesn’t mean you will be found when a user searches for their specific term. This means you will either need to hire the services of a SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) consultant, or consider advertising on your chosen search engine. SEO specialists will optimise your web pages to ensure they will perform well in search engines for your desired key phrase. In addition, they will most likely help build links back to the website to ensure it its popularity. SEO specialists tend to take a monthly fee, but their efforts mean your website will rank highly in the normal results (other known as organic results) and are a long term benefit.

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